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On High Art

In David Byrne’s book How Music Works, he spends a lot of time complaining about how much money is poured into what is perceived as high art, whilst neglecting so many other art forms. He questions the very notion of high art, but that’s maybe because he doesn’t know the history of it. He cites … Continue reading

Consumed by Their Land

When most of us think of farmers and their land, we tend to think of something rather idyllic, but this comes from before the Dust Bowl descriptions by Steinbeck. Again, this comes from John Williams’ Stoner. It is when the academic William Stoner returns home for the funeral of his mother, only weeks after that … Continue reading

What War Does

Here’s another small quote from the briliant novel, Stoner, by John Williams. This is from the protagonist’s  tutor’s response as to whether he shoud enlist to go to what became known as The Great War. This has a special relevance on this, Remembrance Sunday: “I was born in 1860, just before the War of the Rebellion. I … Continue reading

A Man’s Room of his Own

I have just discovered this amazing book – Stoner by John Williams, which has just been reprinted and is getting rave reviews. This is about the main character moving into his first home: “..he began to feel a joy in property and to know a comfort that he had not anticipated. His study was on … Continue reading