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A Cross Country Trek

This is William Dampier’s account of his journey from the Pacific Coast to The┬áCaribbean after being forced to scuttle their ship to escape the Spaniards after they had done a few raids. ┬áThis journey may well be one of the most important overland trips ever undertaken – Dampier was in the company of Scottish surgeon … Continue reading

Animals of the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands, especially the smaller ones, had few animals when Europeans arrived, as few could cross the water. Trinidad had the best range, including sloth , anteater, tiger cat, raccoon, small deer. Other isles their only mammals apart from bats, rodents included the large, tasty hutia, similar to a of rabbit, and 1 frog … Continue reading

Logwood Business

Logwood Business

In a previous post I described the tree which produced logwood, which grows in Central American swamps. Here is another extract from Captain Southey’s Chronological History of the West Indies which shows the politics of the trade, and how it had changed from the part time employment of pirates and itinerants such as William Dampier, … Continue reading