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Mannes Gere

Sir Thomas More wrote against pilgrimage sites, noting the shrine of St Valley in Picardy, specialising in genital disorders, impotence, & infertility, where “all theyr offrynges, that hinge about the walles, none other thyne but manned here and women’s here made in wax. “

Time and Death in Tudor Images

Time and Death in Tudor Images

Memorials in old churchyards often show images of hour glasses or old father time, but here’s a family portrait in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, from the Tudor age which shows a clock, which may suggest that clocks were taking over in this imagery, or it may be that this was a wealthy family … Continue reading

Annoying the Locals

Sir Thomas More is one of the most important figures from Tudor history, but the following makes you wonder about some of his judgements: The mansion at Melplash, although much modernised, is still worthy of the princely days of the squires. It is said that over the chimney-piece in the hall are the arms of … Continue reading