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Cholera in Silson

Cholera arrived on the south coast of England in 1831, one of the prices paid for empire. It took decades for the discovery of how it was spread – by drinking water – and so means found to control it. This is again from ‘Old Oak’. There used to be a long line of graves … Continue reading

Old Kellly

Here’s another piece from “Old Oak”: “A remarkable man in his day and generation was Old Kelly. He was a champion backswardsman and a great amateur pugilist; he caught foxes alive and grew lovely carnations; he was often the lord of the Whitsun Ale, and he was a man of considerable substance. The old and … Continue reading

Extreme Characters

This is from ‘Old Oak. It ¬†does seem there were more ‘characters’ in our distant past than t=in more recent times, so this does make sense, and it makes me wonder if Shakesepeare and other writers were using with as much imagination, rather than drawing from real life. : There seems to be a tendency … Continue reading