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The Importance of Alcohol

This is the introduction from the special edition of Scientific American on Alcohol, which serves so many purposes. In addition to those below, alcohol has been used as a preservative, an antiseptic, and in extreme amounts, some spectacular and tragic deaths. Alcohol has long perplexed our species. Wherever we look in the ancient or modern … Continue reading

Wholesale desertion of Wives

This is the title of an article from Jackson’s Oxford Journal of 1 January 1848, which is pretty amazing: “On Friday the parochial authorities of St Luke’s and St Leonard’s, Shoreditch issued descriptions and rewards for the apprehension of 54 men charged with desertion of their wives and families, leaving no fewer than 217 individuals … Continue reading

Fear Makes the World Green

For many years there have been attempts to reintroduce predators such as wolves and bears into areas where they have been hunted to extinction; the main objections have come from people afraid of attacks on humans, which is real enough, but also on the effect on wildlife. An article in Scientific American turns many of … Continue reading