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Gender and Medicine

When I was a medical student, there were lots of debates about the relevance of drug testing as it was mostly carried out on young healthy students in need of extra funds to get through university. This often included drugs for the elderly, so we often wondered about its relevance and safety. Now much drug … Continue reading

GM Crop Failure

A controversial field test of GM wheat has failed to repel the aphids as intended. It was hoped that the modified wheat would repel greenfly and blackfly without pesticides, but failed. The government funded field trial at Rothampstead Research cost nearly £3m of which more than £2 was on security to protect from vandalism by … Continue reading

Women in Science

the recent stupid comments by Nobel laureate Tim Hunt over the presence of women in science labs falling in love, has caused a lot of fuss, and rightly so. the following is from Boyd Tonkin in the I newspaper: “As it sometimes does, last October the Nobel Committee for the prize in physiology or medicine … Continue reading

Fracking Farce

Further to my blog that fracking has started in Britain – well, it hasn’t. It seems that the village of Balcombe where people have been very noisily protesting and telling the drilling company to frack off has got it wrong. They are just drilling for oil that is there in the shale deposits. Not ony … Continue reading

The Biggest Threat To The Earth

Whilst the leaders of the greatest nations are debating how to manage economies and bring peace to the Middle East, it is worth considering a subject that is more important than all of them. a subject that has been growing in importance for decades, and which not a single world leader will ever mention, and … Continue reading

Some Meandering Thoughts

One thing that I constantly confront in reading history is, how did people cope with life in the past? Stop and think about it. Many people say that life back then was cheap, but I think it was the opposite, because it was such a fragile thing, that people had to struggle so hard for … Continue reading

Old Gas

So many things in history are not new, and so it is with greenhouse gases. Research by Celia Sapart of Utrecht University has shown that greenhouse gases rose over a 200 year period during the Roman Empire and China’s Han Dynasty. Atmospheric gas trapped in Greenland’s ice shows that the main greenhouse gas, methane, rose … Continue reading

Women in Education

This issue is getting a lot of attention at the moment, with a campaign to increase access to education for girls and of course the 14 year old girl on her way to Britain for medical treatment following her shooting by the Taliban. Educating women has often been seen as a luxury, but in a … Continue reading