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Still Grieving Lost Children

Still Grieving Lost Children

This is really sad, from Joseph Leech’s Rural Rides, from the churchyard at Keynsham, though the author could have been a bit more diplomatic: My attention was attracted by 2 very antiquated crones, who came hobbling towards me over the graves which, in the course of nature, they ought to have long since filled; both … Continue reading

Depopulation of the English Countryside

19th century England saw an increase overall in population and massive numbers of people, especially the poor, emigrated due to claims of overpopulation. But William Cobbett in his rural rides repeatedly rants about the depopulation of southern England, especially the hungry ragged poor in the fine countryside which is highly productive, yet unable to pay … Continue reading

Cobbett’s Questions for Christians

I am currently reading yet another classic of English literature, William Cobbett’s Rural Rides, in which this passionate writer on country matters rides round the farmland near London, he calls it the Wen, in the early 19th century. The book has a lot of ranting about incompetent government, corrupt officials, and in particular, mismanagement of … Continue reading