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How to Create a Perfect Wife

How to Create a Perfect Wife

This is an intriguing book by Wendy Moore, a journalist and author who I’d never heard of. The story fills in a lot of gaps in my historical knowledge, especially featuring the poet Thomas Day who I knew from his famous abolitionist poem The Dying Negro and his book on child centred education. He was … Continue reading

Science versus Civility

The main objections to educating women were based on the low expectations for them. As it was assumed that they would become mothers and housekeepers, the skills required were very limited, and this was especially so before we had free education. This meant that campaigners for female education had to reframe the argument in terms … Continue reading

William Crotch, Musical Prodigy

When The Reformation happened in England, patronage for the arts largely died, though music survived as Queen Elizabeth was fond of dancing. But the years spent under the miserablist Cromwell and his Presbyterians seems to have caused that font of enjoyment to wither, so by the 18th century, the country had no native composers of … Continue reading