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Nourishment for our Brains

Nourishment for our Brains

This is from the i paper, an obituary for Marian Diamond Neuroscientist 11/11/1926 – 25/7/2017. Her work has huge implications for how our society is changing: Marian Diamond, a neuroscientist who studied Albert Einstein’s brain and was the first to show that the brain’s anatomy can change with experience, has died aged 90. … Her … Continue reading

Longevity and the Arts

I heard an great interview with Elton John the other day in which he spoke of how he feels he is at the top of his form as a musician and performer – aged a mere 68. He also is planning to cut back on his touring schedule – not because it is a struggle, … Continue reading

Longevity of our Ancestors

A lot of people seem to think our ancestors lived to be abut 35 but this is largely based on massively high infant mortality. I have come across a lot of people who lived to be al east twice that, and occasional citings of centenarians, usually in country villages. But I think this one takes … Continue reading

Music and Longevity

One of the best reasons I known for being involved in various forms of art is the quality of life and longevity it often provides, especially to those who are good at it. When the best of Booker literary prize was first awarded, the average age of nominees was 75. This is an abbreviated list … Continue reading