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Oxford Not Referencing

A while ago I did a post base on the book ‘Old Oak’ in which I described an incident from the life of famous 19th century pugilist, Bendigo. This is an unusual name, and I wondered if there was a link with the gold mining town in Victoria Australia. The Oxford Dictionary made no mention … Continue reading

A Prize Fighter Reformed

Here’s another piece from ‘Old Oak’. I am intrigued by the man’s name, as Bendigo is a former goldmining town in Victoria Australia. I wonder if there is a link. Oxford dictionary makes no mention of him. “I was asked to bury another famous champion – Bendigo. He had been the hero of a hundred … Continue reading

The Noble Art

This is another piece from ‘Old Oak’: Hanslope, a village in Buckinghamshire, was only 14 miles away, and its graceful spire, rising 180 feet in the air is easily visible from the outskirts of Silson. Thither [my father] … journeyed on June 2nd, 1830 to see the meeting between the Irishman, Simon Byrne, and the … Continue reading

Names in the Landscape

Names in the Landscape

There were a lot of casualties when English fields were enclosed: locals lost homes and much of their income. The old names, full of history and imagery were often lost tool. Here are some, from the book by Paul Jennings, ‘The Living Village’: From Crayke, Yorkshire: Fanny Field Ninepenny Piece Crabmills Archers Close Flagon Flats … Continue reading