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Lady Wortley Montagu

This lady is one of the most important women you’ve never heard of, but the world is a much safer place thanks to her. She was a brave traveller, and one of the things she brought back from Turkey was the skill of immunizing against smallpox. Unfortunately it involved the use of pus from infected … Continue reading

A Lifetime of Pharmaceuticals

This is an exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum which I find terrifying, and I don’t really believe it. It is called ‘Cradle to the Grave Pharmacopoia, by Suzie French textile artist, David Crichley video artist and Dr Liz Lee, a General Practitioner. They claim that British people consume an average of 14,000 drugs … Continue reading

A Quiet Hero

This is from an article by Matt Schudel, the Washington Post: “Ciro de Quadros, who has died of pancreatic cancer, helped eradicate smallpox in the 1970s and later led efforts that eliminated polio and measles in the Western hemisphere. Few people in the past 50 years did more than de Quadros to prevent the spread … Continue reading

Picturing Infection

We read a lot about diseases, but seldom see what diseases like smallpox look like. Here are a couple of images from a display on public health in the Museum of London. This is a wax model of a woman with siphylus. This is a model of an arm with cholera.

Plague Years

The word ‘plague’ tends to summon up images of Biblical times, or Middle Ages, as most people don’t realise that the illness, or at least the bacterial that causes it,  has never died out.  as the bug is still present in parts of Asia,  and scientists are now warning that it may come back, with … Continue reading

Plague Stops the Fair

By the King. A PROCLAMATION Prohibiting the keeping of St. James Fair at the city and County of Bristol. Charles R. The Kings most Excellent Majesty, out of his Princely and Christian care of his loving Subjects, that no good means may be neglected to stay the further spreading of the present Infection and contagion, … Continue reading