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Executions on Newcastle Moor

Newcastle had a temporary gallows built on the Town Moor, near the barracks of This is a list of the people who were despatched there. It is a varied and pretty comprehensive list of the types of crime that were designated capital offences at the time. It is also interesting how few there were for … Continue reading

Crime and Punishment in Elizabethan England

This is some more from a German physician’s journal, Thomas Platter’s Travels in England 1599 Especially every quarter when the law courts sit in London and they throng from all parts of England for the terms … to litigate in numerous maters which have occurred in the interim, for everything is saved up till that … Continue reading

Tyburn Mobs

Tyburn Mobs

The most famous site in London for executions was Tyburn, now Marble Arch, and Silas Told spent some 20 years ministering to the condemned and accompanying them to the site where they would be ‘turned off”. The crowds attending were often large and rowdy, but their behaviour depended on the nature of the crime, and … Continue reading

Nobody Likes a Snitch

Public executions were seen as a time of fun and entertainment, but it very much depended on the circumstances. If a person was seen as evil, then people celebrated at being safe from the person, but ordinary people tended to stick together, and snitching was seen by many as a class betrayal, which was publicly … Continue reading

Female Monsters

This is from a newspaper of July 1762. It is interesting that there seems to be some sympathy for the daughter, but less for the mother.  Yesterday morning Sarah Metgard & Sarah Morgan Metgard her daughter, a young woman of about 19 years were executed at Tyburn, pursuant to their sentence for starving Anne Nailor, … Continue reading

Capital Punishment in Bristol

Capital punishment was widely used in earlier centuries, as a deterrent to others – which clearly didn’t work, but also because the law was meant to be seen to have force. There was also an element of display involved, as having stocks, ducking stools in action was a constant reminder for people to behave.  Or … Continue reading