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Imprisoning the Mentally ill

This is from Patrick Cockburn, award winning war correspondent with the i paper. It seems a far cry from his usual topic, but not really. The criminalisation of the mentally iill is one of the cruellest and most easily avoidable tragedies of our era. He discusses a number of cases of impending executions for the … Continue reading

Another Brilliant Tory Idea

Every time I open a newspaper, it seems we are getting closer and closer to the 18th century, when the poor were seen as criminals, and many people were homeless and unemployed. The prisons were sources of infection, especially jail fever, or typhus, which often spread to the magistrates and judges. The jails charged for … Continue reading

On Punishment

For those outside the UK these islands have recently been rocked by the political scandal of a senior Liberal MP getting his wife to take points for him when he had been driving too fast, so saving his drivers’ licence. This is illegal, but lots of people do it. What became a scandal was that … Continue reading