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From Dorset to Massachusetts

This refers to the church of St Peter’s, Dorchester: “The church is well preserved, even to its south door, which dates from the late Norman period. In the porch, in front of this door, lies buried the Reverent John White, who is better known as the “Patriarch of Dorchester.” Born in 1575, he became the … Continue reading

Milton’s Offered Bribe

During the English Civil War, Prince Rupert defeated the Parliamentarians at Brentford and was threatening London, causing widespread panic in the capital. It inspired Milton to write the following poem, which he was to fix to the door of his home in Aldersgate, hoping to save it: Captain, or Colonel, or Knight in Arms, Whose … Continue reading

Making the Portugese Piggy in the Middle

Making the Portugese Piggy in the Middle

Following the execution of King Charles for treason, the king’s nephew Prince Rupert  became Lord High Admiral even though he was a soldier. He led a poorly equipped fleet crewed by English cavaliers and Irish adventurers but he had no safe port, so took to piracy. He sent Sir Arnold Delisle to the king of … Continue reading