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The Wisdom of Alexei Sayle

The basis for a career in the arts can be incredibly varied, but comedian/author Sayle provides us with one of the strangest. Yet it seems to have worked. This is from his latest book, Thatcher Stole My Trousers: My inclination was to make important life decisions based not on what was sensible or right or … Continue reading

A Real Devil’s Advocate

Last week, the French defence lawyer Jacques Verges died. This is not something that would normally find its way onto this blog, but he was a truly extraordinary man, having defended a large number of people that many of us would find utterly indefensible. He was most perhaps most famous for defending the Nazi War … Continue reading

Winners Write the History, Losers Write the Songs

Last night’s episode of Stuart Maconie’s ‘Peoples’ Playlist’ on BBC Radio 2 was on a really dificult topic, but one of the most enlightening. It was a mini history of the music of the British part of the island of Ireland. Popular music began there in the dance halls, with scores of local bands doing … Continue reading

Girl Power?

I’ve lost my notes from the episode of Stuart Maconi’s Peoples’ Songs that dealt with Girl Power, so I’ll have to do some random recollections. It sort of centred on The Spice Girls, who exploded onto the music scene back in 1994, having replied to and add for singers and dancers. There is a huge … Continue reading

Top Secret & Dangerous Vacuum Cleaner

This story is up there with the one about the men who stared at goats, so I’m hoping this makes it into a film with Jeff Bridges etc. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who confessed to have masterminded the 9/11 attacks, was captured by the CIA in 2003 and has been repeatedly and brutally interrogated aka tortured, … Continue reading

More Trouble in Syria

As if the people of Syria don’t have enough problems with the bombs and guns etc, and the collapsing infrastructure. Now they are having to deal with a new danger, and that is one that might reach our shores. They have for the past few months been subject to an outbreak of a flesh eating … Continue reading

Canadian Feudalism

On Wednesday 22 June 1825 the British Parliament abolished feudalism and seigneurial system in British North America. I find this a rather strange anniversary. Surely feudalism disappeared long ago? But this is something else. The seigneurial system dates from 1627, and was a form of land management which was central to the foundation of the … Continue reading