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Station to Station

This film comes with a warning about flashing lights for those of epileptic tendency, and so it should, because this is artist Doug Aitkin’s take on the 70’s ‘happening’. He organised a train to cross the United States from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts, with a wide range of artists of various media on board, … Continue reading

The Drowned Man : A Hollywood Fable

There has been a bit of a fuss lately in Britain on the imbalance of arts funding, with far more going to London; the response from some is to move some of the major institutions such as the British Museum – the biggest attraction in the country to somewhere up north, as if this would … Continue reading

Calder’s Circus

My work on Henry Bridges’ travelling show, The Microcosm led me to an interest in travellng shows, so this is a fascinating piece of art history, the American artist  Alexander Calder who did a model of the Ringling Brothers Barnham & Bailey circus. It was based on real characters, and he performed with it, but his … Continue reading