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The Wool Staple

This comes from The Highways and Byways of Oxford and the Cotswolds: “In 1363 the Staple, as the licensed mart for the sale of English products was called, was, after several changes, definitely fixed at Calais, and here buyers from all parts of the continent would congregate. We can in imagination draw a picture of … Continue reading

Literacy and the Poor

This is from Highways and Byways of Oxford and the Cotswolds, relating to the village of Hanwell: “[the Puritan divine] John Dod, Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge… held the living in Hanwell from 1580 to 1604, and according to the unimpeachable testimony of Fuller, was ‘by nature a witty, by industry a learned, by grace … Continue reading

Cotswold Crosses

Another piece from Highways and Byways of Oxford and the Cotswolds by H A Evans: “In the churchyard [of Yarnton] you will find a cross of a design more than ordinarily elaborate; on the base are sculptured 4 knights kneeling on one knee, and canopied figures of ecclesiastics on the shaft; another cross, almost identical … Continue reading