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Executions on Newcastle Moor

Newcastle had a temporary gallows built on the Town Moor, near the barracks of This is a list of the people who were despatched there. It is a varied and pretty comprehensive list of the types of crime that were designated capital offences at the time. It is also interesting how few there were for … Continue reading

Jews Behaving Badly

This is from the Newcastle Chronicle of August 1766. Fraud is not a new crime, clearly, but this pair seem to have been at it for some time. Yesterday two Jews were taken into custody in Dukes-place for going about this city, pretending to be constables and taking people into custody into order to extort … Continue reading

Ensuring Fresh Meat at Markets

The guild of butchers was one of the most important, and its members among the most respected, due to their importance in ensuring safe food but also they had to heft large animal carcasses, so they were also big strong men, not the sort you would want to mess with. But it seems the lack … Continue reading

Drunkard’s Cloak

I hate regional stereotypes, but the folk of Newcastle are fond of their drink, and it seems they always have – this is from an Irish newspaper of 1846: Drunkard’s Cloak-  a large cask/barrel, with the bottom taken out, holes in the top and sides, was passed over the body of the ‘jolly god’ so … Continue reading