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Origins of Mechanical Music

Origins of Mechanical Music

I’ve been trawling through my archives, unearthing scraps of paper with indecipherable scribblings on them, but found one that got me thinking. This is a bit of a rambling post, (no surprise there?) so please bear with me. This comes from Humphrey Jennings’ Pandaemonium 1660-1886 The Coming of the Machine as seen by Contemporary Observers. … Continue reading

Smuggling X-Rays

There were lots of strange stories in the Cold War, but this one, about how banned pop music was smuggled through the Iron Curtin on old X-Rays is one of the oddest. They were chosen in part because they could be rolled up or hidden in other things, and were incredibly light. Shows how hungry … Continue reading

Music and Technology

One of the things that defines us as modern humans is the constant striving to do things bigger, better, faster, and the history of sound recording has been for more precision, from wax cylinders to tapes to vinyl and now digital. But the problem with digital is that it means the music has to fit … Continue reading