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The Sanctuary of St John of Beverley

This is from Highways & Byways in Yorkshire, The kindness of St. John towards all criminals was not exercised only in his church, but extended for a full mile into the open country on every side;and evil men, however stained with blood, even if it were the blood of priests, could not be seized by … Continue reading

An Evil Man Caught

This is another piece from Old Oak, showing how justice worked, or failed to, before the police forces were established.  Sam Spicer lived on the site of the house where I was born…. He specialised in the art of ridding rich people, who could pay him an adequate fee, of troublesome encumbrances. His first victim … Continue reading

Punishment for Suicide

I always thought putting as take through someone’s heart ws from the realms of fiction, but I have found a few incidents when it happened, and in fairly modern times. I found this item saved on my old computer, no idea where I found it, but worth sharing: “The Admiralty Court met for the trial … Continue reading

The Art of Journalism

When I began writing novels, I was told that tany book would sell on the strenght of the opening page. You have to get the reader’s attention fast. You need a good hook to grab them. The hook is even more important in Journalism. Every day papers have headlines that shout ‘buy me’ and they … Continue reading