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The Oldest Flowers

Like many common social events, details of funerals – apart from those of kings and generals – are often lost in time. But it is generally given that in Britain,¬†ornate funerals with flowers¬†were pretty much invented by the Victorians. So it is with some surprise to find that ancient graves recently unearthed in Israel show … Continue reading

Misreading the Middle East

Journalists and politicians often talk nonsense on the Middle East. I shouted at a newspaper article by Howard Jacobson who claimed the Jews have been persecuted by Christians for 2,000 years, and recently an MP stated that shiites and sunni Moslems had been fighting each other for over 3,000 years. After the wonderful book by … Continue reading

Undevilish Devil Worship

I am currently reading the wonderful book ‘Tribes with Flags’ by Charles Glass, about his travels in the region of Syria several decades ago. In view of present events, it has a particular resonance, and I wonder how much of what he wrote about still exists. This is his account to one of the Dead … Continue reading