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Arms as Currency

When I want to begin to understand what is happening in the Middle East, I can always rely on the journalist Robert Fisk. He claims the US is not arming the rebels in Syria, well, not all of them, and definitely not the al-Qa’da inspired al-Nusra Front who have filmed themselves on YouTube eating their … Continue reading

Misreading the Middle East

Journalists and politicians often talk nonsense on the Middle East. I shouted at a newspaper article by Howard Jacobson who claimed the Jews have been persecuted by Christians for 2,000 years, and recently an MP stated that shiites and sunni Moslems had been fighting each other for over 3,000 years. After the wonderful book by … Continue reading

Nothing Real, Nothing Permanent

As the world stands by in horror as Syria tears itself apart, Obama seems to be agonising over whether to provide military intervention. In yesterday’s paper, Dominic Lawson offered a brilliant overview on the dangers of the west wading into yet another war. He concluded by quoting from John Stuart Mill’s book, ‘A Few words … Continue reading

Argo – My Link With History

This film directed by and starring Ben Afleck has been raved about, largely due to the plot being so incredible you could not make it up. In 1979 mobs were protesting on the streets of Tehran, and when they broke into the US Embassy, 6 of their diplomatic staff fled. They were refused sanctuary by … Continue reading