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Imprisoning the Mentally ill

This is from Patrick Cockburn, award winning war correspondent with the i paper. It seems a far cry from his usual topic, but not really. The criminalisation of the mentally iill is one of the cruellest and most easily avoidable tragedies of our era. He discusses a number of cases of impending executions for the … Continue reading

Human Pups

Channel Four recently screened a very strange documentary, The Secret Life of Human Pups, about the little known practice of people – mostly men – going to great lengths to dress as pups and to do some serious role playing. Most of the programme focused on theatre designer Tom/Spot who is currently Mr Pup UK who … Continue reading

Modern Witchhunts

I have been putting up some posts on witchcraft and witchcraft which happened centuries ago, but it dismays me that last week two men were convicted of murder in Bristol, England, the result of a witchhunt against their neighbour, Bijan Ebrahimi. Bristol has a reputation for being racially diverse and tolerant, but it is very much … Continue reading

Shell Shock, Darwin & Feminism

To most of us, the classic image of war damaged soldiers with shell shock, is that by Don McCullin, from the Vietnam war, of a marine traumatised into a frozen state. But the first recorded cases came from soldiers in the trenches of World War I, and they presented much differently. Some were immobile, some … Continue reading

Something Extra

How much can we read from the things people leave behind? when we think of asylums for the insane, we still tend to think of Bedlam, but these show people with rich and interesting lives, all lost. Something Extra.

Black Mass

After writing the piece on young men and suicide, I recalled a post I did from last year, about a story I was told and that I still don’t really understand, but might be of interest to anyone on how some people cope with mental health problems. In this case, I think the guy survived … Continue reading

The Boss is Human

The Boss is Human

For forever, admitting to having mental health problems has  been acceptable only in Woody Allen films where they spend a fortune on therapy, though they never seem to get any better. Now  it seems to almost be an epidemic of it among the rich and famous. Now The Boss has fessed up to suffering depression. … Continue reading

Landscapes and Madness

Landscapes and Madness

In 1804-06 Dr Long Fox built a private lunatic asylum to the south of Bristol, one of the earliest purpose built institutions for the insane, and which included landscaped grounds to help the treatment of his patients. Dr Long fox was a respected local physician, and like many was also concerned with society at large; … Continue reading