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Artist at Work

As part of the recent Made in Roath arts festival in Cardiff, the former YHA was open to the public to see the artists’ studios before the inevitable developers took over the site. I was intrigued by the room occupied by David Shepherd. His room seemed to be a strange sculpture space, but it was … Continue reading

Street Art, Cardiff

Street Art, Cardiff

The annual Made in Roath festival is again upon us in Cardiff, and some fences have been decorated by a bunch of cross stitchers. I love them because the y make you stop and look at your local environment. Sometimes you have a brief encounter with others who have likewise paused to look and admire … Continue reading

Traditions in our genes

I just saw a pair of young women ambling down my road  dragging sticks. I thought they had wheels on the end of them, so were measuring the oath, like surveyor s. But they had chalk so were making lines on the uneven terrain. I asked them what they were doing – marking the boundaries … Continue reading