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Names in the Landscape

Names in the Landscape

There were a lot of casualties when English fields were enclosed: locals lost homes and much of their income. The old names, full of history and imagery were often lost tool. Here are some, from the book by Paul Jennings, ‘The Living Village’: From Crayke, Yorkshire: Fanny Field Ninepenny Piece Crabmills Archers Close Flagon Flats … Continue reading

Burned at the stake in Kent

This is from a book of old newspaper articles,┬áNews from the English Countryside 1750-1850. I’m tempted to put about half of them on the blog; there are some really great windows to our past, from a trial at Maidstone, Kent in July 1769: “On wednesday came on the trial of Susannah Lott, for the murder … Continue reading

A Dropt Child

This is from the Kentish Gazette of April 1775. Abandoning children was a crime as they had to be supported by the local parish, ie about money rather than child neglect per se. Similarly, if a man ran off and left his family he faced the same crime: “Dropt at the Door of Henry Pembly, … Continue reading