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Between Inhumanity and the Quiet Savage in Us

The latest conflict between the Uk’s Conservative government and the EU is the European Court of Human Rights declaring that the UK’s whole life tarrifs for murderers were ‘inhuman and degrading’. So there has been more huffing and puffing about those pesky Europeans telling the plucky Brits how to run their affairs. And yet this … Continue reading

Free Range Journalism

Some years ago I campaigned to stop the building on a city park. Many of the arguments that were thrown at us are eerily similar to those being kicked around regarding press freedom. It’s mostly about the dangers of freedom. But it is dangers that help us to evolve, indeed, you could argue that they … Continue reading

The Art of Journalism

When I began writing novels, I was told that tany book would sell on the strenght of the opening page. You have to get the reader’s attention fast. You need a good hook to grab them. The hook is even more important in Journalism. Every day papers have headlines that shout ‘buy me’ and they … Continue reading