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Fairy Tales From a Time of Evil

I don’t usually quote entire newspaper articles, but this is one from The Independent of 21 February 2009, by Donald Macintyre: I have two paperback books of short stories by Polish author Bruno Schultz who was one of the many Jews who did not survive the war. His style was often compared to Kafka, but … Continue reading

Schindler’s List For Sale

I find it extraordinary that the original list, as made famous in Thomas Kinealy’s book, then messed about in Spielberg’s Schindler’s Ark is now about to be auctioned. This is such an important document it really should be in a museum where the public can see it. Maybe some wealthy person with a conscience will … Continue reading

Misreading the Middle East

Journalists and politicians often talk nonsense on the Middle East. I shouted at a newspaper article by Howard Jacobson who claimed the Jews have been persecuted by Christians for 2,000 years, and recently an MP stated that shiites and sunni Moslems had been fighting each other for over 3,000 years. After the wonderful book by … Continue reading