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Training Zookeepers

This is from today’s I newspaper, showing some of the150 zookeepers at Ueno zoo, Tokyo, learning how to capture animals in case of an escape. I think that’s a pantomime zebra. I wonder how they train for first aid? Do they dress a horse  or zebra as a human?

Two Island Nations

There are not a lot of connections between Britain and Japan, but they are both island nations, on opposite sides of the huge European-Asian land mass, and both are famously keen tea drinkers. And that’s pretty much it. But both countries seem fond of visiting the other, and I just found a story that shows … Continue reading

Robot Myths and Origins

Robot Myths and Origins

We think of robots as being a very modern, even futuristic invention, but the ideas behind them date back thousands of years. . The word ‘Robot’ was coined by Karel Capek in his 1920 play ‘Rossum’s Universal Robots’ in which automata were built to replace humans in boring or dangerous work. The word is derived … Continue reading