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Jimmy’s Hall

This has been rumoured to be veteran Ken Loach’s final film, but it is his last using real film stock & was helped out by Pixar to find enough of it. It had the potential to be so PC driven to be mawkish, but it steers a fine line between politics and humanity It is … Continue reading

Ancients Writing on Britain

The Romans have left us with records of the tribes and behaviours of the people of Britain, but they were often filtered through a general view that all non Romans were uncivilised, so were often described as brutes, fond of fighting, living in tents, eating milk and meat, or canibals even. As if the Romans … Continue reading

The Magdalene Laundries

The appalling story of young women who became pregnant out of marriage in Ireland, forced into slave labour in Catholic institutions is at last being addressed by the Irish government who have now announced compensation for the victims. They have also stated that the Catholic church will be expected to contribute to the payouts, as … Continue reading

Manning the Pressgang

Once in a while I stumble upon a book or document that is absolutely wonderful. Often it makes me want to meet the person who wrote it, though often the author is long dead, but anyhow… I have been reading ‘the Narrative of William Spavens’, which is an account of what is described as an … Continue reading

Dogs, Fools and Female Scolds

Care of the poor, sick and feeble has long been the realm of the Christian church. This has continued longer in Scotland and especially Ireland, than the rest of the UK Across Ireland can be found references to hospitals – such as Hospital, Spital and Spiddel. Each hospital had its own territory, so was called … Continue reading