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Secrets of Silicon Valley – part 2

In the second and final episode, of this fine investigative programme, ‘The Persuasion Machine’, Jamie Bartlett took us from the big players in Silicon Valley to what they actually do, and in some way sit was more frightening than the big bucks involved. This is an aspect of the internet few of us pay much … Continue reading

Secrets of Silicon Valley BBC2

Secrets of Silicon Valley BBC2

This is the first of 2 documentaries by blogger Jamie Bartlett whose intelligent, low key investigation of the big tech companies are seen to be very different to what they claim. He visits Silicon Valley, the main source of so many inventions that claim will improve our lives, but he finds they are based on … Continue reading

You Can’t Fix Stupid

This was the response of the Yukon Telephone Company when called to repair the lost internet connection to the town of Tanana in the Yukon. The main fibre-optic cable was shot, probably by a .410 gauge shotgun, going by the cases that were found at the site, as part of the New Year’s Eve celebrations … Continue reading

The End of Cash?

This is an idea that has been around for a long time and for the life of me I can’t imagine why we would want to give up those jangly coins in our pockets and crumpled and allegedly cocaine impregnated notes. Of course credit cards and online banking are wonderful, but for small stuff and … Continue reading