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Deafness in Farmed Fish

This is from Friday’s i paper: Salmon that grow up on a farm are much harder of hearing than those reared in the wild, with half of them suffering a considerable degree of dearness, research suggests. The hearing loss is caused by a deformity of the earbone which reduces hearing sensitivity by up to 50% … Continue reading

Roger Casement and Africa

The i paper and the Independent have a lot of award winning journalists, but sometimes they publish personal stories by them which are often more interesting than the regular news. Patrick Cockburn is a brilliant writer on the Middle East, but here’s his take on a matter closer to home, that of Roger Casement, executed … Continue reading

Aboriginal Genes Dated

This is from the i paper, by Steve Connor last week. “Aboriginal Australians have been genetically isolated from the rest of humanity for 50,000 years, a DNA study has revealed.The finding contradicts suggestions by some scholars that they intermarried with people from Asia 4,000 years ago. A detailed analysis of the male Y chromosome from … Continue reading

Lessons From Bowie

Lessons From Bowie

Last Monday I turned on 6 music to hear Lauren Laverne discussing Bowie in the past tense and I immediately realised the man had died. From the moment of the announcement, the station’s schedules were cleared to commemorate the man and to invite listeners to share their shock and grief. Later that night, Marc Riley, … Continue reading

Got a Few Billion to Spare?

This is an additional from the I newspaper, 28 October last. It is an as from the Ministry of Defence for the sale of a Mirage jet fighter, now at Sao Paulo, Brazil. I can’t imagine a less likely readership to provide a buyer for this. Wonder if they had any enquiries.

Are You Local?

This is something that is becoming something of an issue as more of us live away from our places of birth. When I first came to the UK I met a woman in a small village in Kent who had never been to London – too dangerous, and only a few trips to Tunbridge Wells … Continue reading

Child Soldiers

I sometimes wonder if archaeologists will ever run out of work in Britain. It seems incredible there are still significant discoveries being made, but then, there is a lot of history here. This is from David Keys in the i newspaper: “Physical evidence that children were used as soldiers in Britain’s mid-17th century civil wars … Continue reading

A Lone Texan in Stalag Luft III

Last week died Flight Lieutenant Paul Royle, the last but one surviving escapees of the prison made famous by the film The great Escape.  According to his son, he hated the film, as he claimed there were no Americans there. A letter in the i newspaper from John Edwards corrects this: “Texan-born William Ash had, … Continue reading

A Miracle in South Asia

With all the terrorism in Europe in recent weeks, a rather extraordinary event passed mostly under the news radar. An election happened in Sri Lanka, and a bullying, corrupt leader was peacably replaced. Sri Lanka, the former colony of Ceylon, is rarely in the news, but it was home to author Arthur C Clark for … Continue reading

Missing Girls

Last Wednesday, the cover of the i newspaper announced a shocking discovery. It was all the worse as it concerns matters that have been going on for decades: the selective abortion of female foetuses due to the fact that in some cultures, girls and women are of so little value that their arrival is seen as … Continue reading