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Jack London on London’s Poor

The horrors of life for the poor in London are so well documented by Charles Dickens that his surname has become synonymous with them. Together with the exhortations for change by The Times, and the work of social reformers, the Salvation Army and others, I thought things would have improved. I knew that many men … Continue reading

Manchester Cavemen

I’ve posted a few times about housing shortages, and this article from Saturday’s i newspaper is truly grim, from England’s second city. “Behind a dark doorway a the heart of one of Britain’s biggest conurbations lies a secret subterranean “Cave” where homeless men sleep in conditions that would have horrified Victorian social observers. The lair … Continue reading

Knock-on Happiness

Yesterday I was waiting for a bus and a young woman approached. ┬áIt had not been raining for about an hour, yet she was holding up her umbrella. She was singing, and skipping round. Which was ok but then she started looking at me. I knew that look. I have been a victim of that … Continue reading

Housing Benefits and Myths

Today the British government brings in yet another attack on the poor, the so-called ‘bedroom tax’ which is already being named ‘poll tax mark 2’. Those of a certain age will recall that the first poll tax played a major role in briinging down Margaret Thatcher. At present, people out of work for whatever reason … Continue reading

Tom Waites and Kids

Tom Waites and Kids

Tom is possibly the most original performers ever, and has been a frequent guest on the Letterman Show over the years. In an interview from the 1980s he mentioned that he had been contacted by a young boy who had been suspended from school for taking one of Waites’ songs to show and tell. Waites … Continue reading