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Sir Walter Scott’s ‘Bowed Davie’

Yet another snippet from Highways & Byways n the Border: Near the junction of the Tweed and Manor Water was a cottage made famous by Sir Walter Scott: Bowed Davie” [is] the original of Scott’s “Black Dwarf” of Mucklestane Muir. Sir Walter was staying at Hallyards, on Manor Water, in 1797 with his friend Adam … Continue reading

French PoWs in to Selkirk

This is some more from Highways & Byways on the Border. On a certain occasion they heard of of a great French success in Russia. Two prisoners concealed themselves and were locked up in the church one Sunday after evening service; about midnight these men admitted their comrades and together the roused sleeping Selkirk by … Continue reading

The Kelpie of Slit Rig

This is from Highways & Byways in The Border Slit rig takes its rise on the Lindbergh Hill, on the northern side of the Liddesdale watershed, a hill of old the known resort of the Good People, whose piping and revels might often be heard by the solitary shepherd. The rivulet is said to well … Continue reading

The Plague and the Borders

This is from Highways & Byways in The Border, Away back in the evil ties when the Plague ravaged through Scotland very many its victims were buried in a common grave in Linden churchyard. But the church was demolished after the Reformation and the churchyard gradually feel out of use as a pace of burial … Continue reading

A Changeling at Minto, Scotland

This is another piece from Highways & Byways in The Border: Here at Minto, if credence in the reality of Fairies no longer lingers amongst the  people – one of the writers of this volume records… that he found traces of the belief not very many years ago still surviving Flooded Edge,- at least but … Continue reading