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Ghosts of Wigan Pier

Ghosts of Wigan Pier

This is from the i paper by Dean Kirby. I was surprised to see the image of Orwell’s son. The 1930s seem so much further away than living history. Orwell is also important today with the rise in alternative readings of Britain’s colonial past.¬† When George Orwell was writing The Road to Wigan Pier – … Continue reading

Tolstoy Disses Shakespeare, Orwell Explains

When someone¬†criticises someone or something it often tells us as much about the someone as about their object. Somehow we tend to assume that great writers have – if not affection – at least respect for other great minds, but here we have Tolstoy condemning Shakespeare, in particular the great King Lear. This seems unfair, … Continue reading

Anthony Burgess and Utopias

Great literature often involves inventing new forms of language, and few writers have done this better than Anthony Burgess in ‘Clockwork Orange’, with a language for his thugs based loosely on Russian. This is his choice of dystopian stories. I’ve not read the JP Hartley or Mailer; I think my favourite is Ridley Walker, again … Continue reading