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A Poem on Sprites, From 1600

This is a small piece from Hobgoblin & Sweet Puck Fairy Names & Natures by Gillian Edwards In old wives’ dais, that in old time did live (To those odd tales much credit men did give) Great store of goblins, fairies, bugs, night-mares, Yea, far more sprites did haunt in divers places Than there be women … Continue reading

The Bogle of Mulgrave Woods

This is from Highways & Byways in Yorkshire where the author mentions country stories of gnomes and fairies that may continue their pranks today: There was one such in those Mulgrave Woods… Her name was Jeanie; she may still e there for aught I know, but few will go look for her when they hear … Continue reading

A Changeling at Minto, Scotland

This is another piece from Highways & Byways in The Border: Here at Minto, if credence in the reality of Fairies no longer lingers amongst the  people – one of the writers of this volume records… that he found traces of the belief not very many years ago still surviving Flooded Edge,- at least but … Continue reading