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Nobody is Safe Without NHS

Nobody is Safe Without NHS

Our much loved free healthcare is under threat but if it fails it won’t be just the poor who suffer. NHS provides mass immunisation so diseases that killed people on the past have been wiped out. Smallpox is an obvious example that killed vast numbers, rich and poor. Without jabs it could rdgutm with a … Continue reading

Cholera in Silson

Cholera arrived on the south coast of England in 1831, one of the prices paid for empire. It took decades for the discovery of how it was spread – by drinking water – and so means found to control it. This is again from ‘Old Oak’. There used to be a long line of graves … Continue reading

Cholera in Bristol

It is generally accepted that Indian Cholera arrived in Britain from the south coast, but this account, from Latimer’s history of Bristol tells another story, and also of the effect that the epidemic had on locals: “Indian cholera arrived in England the first time in 1831 via the Northern Coal Ports, gradually spreading over the … Continue reading