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Breathing Can Cause Weight Gain

This is one of the most bonkers stories I’ve come across, but it is rather worrying. This is from the i paper: A new study finds that people are putting on weight simply by inhaling house dust because much of it contains chemicals that interfere with the body’s hormones. The culprits are “obesogens” known as … Continue reading

Canal On Fire & Beautiful Smoke

The rapid and largely unregulated expansion of English towns in the 18th and 19th centuries led to some pretty horrific environmental conditions, most famously the ‘Great Stink’ of London’s Thames that led to the closure of parliament in  1858. But the great northern cities were pretty bad too. This is about the Bradford Canal, in … Continue reading

Fracking: nil. People Power: 1

The first attempt to frack for oil in Britain has just been rejected by Lancashire county council. May we see many more such results for common sense and the views of ordinary Britons. Fracking is too risky, too fraught with danger to the environment to be allowed – as USA and Australia have learnt to … Continue reading

Georgian Dangers

This is from ‘The Gentleman’s Magazine of 1782, hardly a firebrand publication, but shows how aware people were then of the cost of luxury goods: “The collier, the clothier, the painter, the gilder, the miner, the makers of glass, the workers in iron, tin, lead, copper, while they minister to our necessities or please our … Continue reading