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Me in Tin Type

I hate having my photo taken but the chance of being immortalised in a mid 19th century technology was irresistible. Magical watching the image slowly appear, hair first. The photo is by Gareth Jarvis

A Lecture on Heads

A Lecture on Heads

There were a lot of theatrical companies in London and the provinces, but when I heard of The Lecture on Heads I was intrigued and confused. What heads? And why? Gerald Kahan in his book George Alexander Stevens & The Lecture on Heads has done a great job researching the show in its many forms … Continue reading

Liverpool Biennial – ABC Cinema

After struggling to focus on my writing over the summer, I waited till the schools were back and prices down to escape to Liverpool for the tail end of their festival, in the hope of kick-starting my brain. My first stop was this GradeII listed Art Deco cinema, now gloriously ruinous, dimly lit, with artworks … Continue reading

Raging against Maypoles

There were a lot of pious folk complaining about the pastimes of the poor after the Reformation, but Maypoles seem to have been a particular focus for their wrath, though seldom explained why. This is from Thomas Hall, Pastor of King’s Norton, in a pamphlet ‘The Downfall of May Games, published, ironically, in 1660 when … Continue reading

Feats in archery

This is some more from Sports and Pastimes of England, published in 1800. If the metrical romances and ballads of the former ages may be depended upon, the strength of our English archers in drawing the bow, and their skill in directing the arrow to its mark were justly objects of admiration… Adam Bell, Clum of … Continue reading

French PoWs in to Selkirk

This is some more from Highways & Byways on the Border. On a certain occasion they heard of of a great French success in Russia. Two prisoners concealed themselves and were locked up in the church one Sunday after evening service; about midnight these men admitted their comrades and together the roused sleeping Selkirk by … Continue reading

The Wisdom of Alexei Sayle

The basis for a career in the arts can be incredibly varied, but comedian/author Sayle provides us with one of the strangest. Yet it seems to have worked. This is from his latest book, Thatcher Stole My Trousers: My inclination was to make important life decisions based not on what was sensible or right or … Continue reading

6Music and Bristol History

Last weekend the extraordinarily wonderful 6music festival took place in my former home town of Bristol. I didn’t go but I was intrigued by how the various DJs responded to the city. Radcliffe and Maconi seemed pretty well informed about the place and were, like most of their colleagues, keen to visit the boat-venue The … Continue reading