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The Divine Miss M and Urban Space

The other day I heard an interview with Bette Midler on how she had been impressed with the urban gardens, allotments etc she had seen whilst on tour in the UK many years ago, and when she returned to New York set about greening up what was at the time a pretty grim place to … Continue reading

Fenland Losses and Gains

When we talk about Britain’s, especially England’s landscapes, it is hard to find anywhere that has not been messed about with by our ancestors. I met a guy in Bristol who had found some burnt wood near the old gaol that had been torched in the riots of 1833, claiming that this was the remains … Continue reading



This town is the closest to the Old SevernBridge leading from Wales into England, so is popular area for people who work in Bristol but can’t afford English property. It is a very ancient market town, the region famous for its salmon fishing, shipbuilding and a surprisingly wide range of industries. It is mostly a … Continue reading

A Song For His Granddad

Sam Palladio is a talented young actor/singer originally from Cornwall, England who is making a name for himself in the tv series,  Nashville. When he told his grandfather, who I think now lives in the Midlands, the response was, ‘What a coincidence’. During World War II he had been posted to The States to train … Continue reading

Entertaining the Masses

This is from Latimer’s Journal of the 18th century, about life in Bristol, England: “The diversions of the lower classes, if diversions they should be called were more varied than those of their betters. The poor witnessed horse-racing; they had their own cock-fighting, cock-throwing, and duck hunting; and at the revels which took place yearly … Continue reading

The Silence of the Cows

After watching the wonderful film, ‘the Moo Man’ I have become interested in how cows behave, and how we interact with them. It is not enough to go along with John Berger in his ‘Looking at Animals’ which describes how we have lost touch with nature, and how animals used to be our intermediaries between … Continue reading

Modern Witchhunts

I have been putting up some posts on witchcraft and witchcraft which happened centuries ago, but it dismays me that last week two men were convicted of murder in Bristol, England, the result of a witchhunt against their neighbour, Bijan Ebrahimi. Bristol has a reputation for being racially diverse and tolerant, but it is very much … Continue reading