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Aida versus Political Correctness

Last week the papers ran yet another story that makes me fear for the future of this country. A student production of Aida has been cancelled due to charges of “cultural appropriation’, as the leading roles were likely to be played by white actors. The production was not to be the original, by Verdi, but … Continue reading

Longevity and the Arts

I heard an great interview with Elton John the other day in which he spoke of how he feels he is at the top of his form as a musician and performer – aged a mere 68. He also is planning to cut back on his touring schedule – not because it is a struggle, … Continue reading

Longevity of Country Music?

This is from Bob Stanley’s brilliant book, Yeah Yeah Yeah: “Almost every genre in this story so far has withered in its effectiveness after a wile, been absorbed or usurped, or at least stopped adding significant new ideas to the mix; the chart lifespan of any new genre is usualy 5 years from start to … Continue reading

On Christmases Past and Present

This is from the epic 50 part radio series on BBC 2, ‘The People’s Songs, by Stuart Maconi. And since Christmas is the ultimate celebration for the British, it is apt that this is the subject that ends the series. At a certain time each year, the music we hear – on the radio, in … Continue reading

Songs About Animals

Songs About Animals

I am a huge fan of Roger McGuinn, but this song … well it’s just plain odd. Talking abut his horse, ‘we’ll be  friends for life, she’ll be just like a wife.” I can understand this being written as a result of some rather strange chemicals but he still sings it. Oh Dear. Chestnut Mare … Continue reading

An Earthquake in Tennessee

An Earthquake in Tennessee

I grew up watching ‘the Beverley Hillbillies’ when I got home from school, so I accidentally had an early grounding in Bluegrass music which I now love.  Earl Scruggs played banjo on the theme tune that I can still remember the words to.   He popularised banjo playing and invented his own style which is … Continue reading