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Dr Johnson on The Falkland Islands

Dr Samuel Johnson is famous for his Dictionary of English words, but he was a well informed writer and barrister, who also published Thoughts on the Late Transactions Respecting Faulkland’s Islands. This is how he describes the first English visitors to this still disputed territory: He talks of Anson describing he islands, which inspired a … Continue reading

A Wiley Cleric

This is from another book in the brilliant through variable series, Highways and Byways, this time for Oxford and the Cotswolds, by H A Evans. Osney Abbey was one of two religious sites – the other being Rewley – that were near the present train station at Oxford, but totally destroyed at the Reformation. Osney … Continue reading

Do We Choose Our Friends?

This is another Nugget from my book Unposted Letters by John O’London, and it seems particularly apt in reference to the debate over friends on facebook and other media: “The late Dr Richard Garnett thought that love and friendship have each an element of the divine, and that this is their point of contact. But … Continue reading

Arts Funding

Following the reblog I did the other day on arts funding, this is from ‘The Occurrence of Modern Life: Samuel Johnson, the sciences and industry in the Midlands: “In the 1760s when Johnson was active in the Society of Arts, two prizes were offered by the committee for the best machine that would spin six … Continue reading