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Bowies Eyes

Bowies Eyes

One of the most famous aspects of one of the world’s most famous men, was that David Bowie had different coloured eyes, a peculiarity that set well with his unique life, that marked him physically different to the rest of us mere mortals. This week, a koala with different coloured eyes, caused by a rare … Continue reading

Lessons From Bowie

Lessons From Bowie

Last Monday I turned on 6 music to hear Lauren Laverne discussing Bowie in the past tense and I immediately realised the man had died. From the moment of the announcement, the station’s schedules were cleared to commemorate the man and to invite listeners to share their shock and grief. Later that night, Marc Riley, … Continue reading

Songs About Children

I spent last night glued to the non stop tributes on 6 music to the late David Bowie, and in the intro to his song ‘Kooks’ they said it was written on the birth of his son, then Zowie, now the filmmaker Duncan Jones. It never occurred to me that was the subject, but the … Continue reading

David Bowie Does Cobbler Bob

For many years The Adam and Joe Show was a cult hit on channel 4, with lots of childlike but brilliantly funny sketches, and for a while they had a Saturday morning show on BBC 6Music. But Joe Cornish has become a filmmaker, and Adam Buxton has recently done a feature on David Bowie. This … Continue reading

Still Walking on the Wild Side

When I heard earlier this year that Lou Reed had had a liver transplant, I realised his time was probably limited, but his death yesterday is one to be deeply grieved. He was not just a giant of popular music, but also of art and performance. The announcement was made during 6 music’s Now Playing, … Continue reading

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Playing The Orchestra 2013

I only know Sakamoto from the film ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence ‘in which he starred with Bowie. I recall his music as being very Japanese, but when he plays it here with an orchestra, it becomes more gentle, more thoughtful and with more depth, so we can appreciate his genius without the movie to get … Continue reading

Ziggy’s Swansong

I have never been a huge fan of David Bowie. It’s not that I think he’s rubbish, I just don’t get him, beyond the obvious cross dressing icon stuff. But here’s a really strange clip – his last appearance as Ziggy Stardust at the Marquee club, duetting with marianne Faithful – not sure if she … Continue reading