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McCartney Shows his Heavy Chops

My brother was a huge fan of the Beatles, so of course I never liked them. Over the years I’ve tried to become a fan, but somehow the sheer weight of their popularity makes me want to dismiss them on principle and tune into some Tibetan nose flutes. In recent years, there have been complaints … Continue reading

Punks and The Bomb

The hallmark of the Punk generation seems to be its contempt for , well everything. In England it is usuall blamed on the disastrous state of the economy, with no jobs for the young,  and as Mr Lydon sang, there was no future for them. I am currently reading a brilliant book, ‘England’s Dreaming’ by Jon … Continue reading

More Punk Stuff

More Punk Stuff

The second episode of Punk Britannia covered 1976-8, when it was still a tiny movement, until the Sex Pistols appeared as a replacement on a talk show, when they were provoked to utter a few expletives, and all of a sudden the scene exploded. Journalist Tony Parsons said, “This was our music, our time, there … Continue reading