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The Clubmen

The story of the Clubmen is in many ways one that repeats in any war, especially civil, when locals are repeatedly attacked and their food stolen in order to support whichever band of soldiers happen to be passing by. This is a rather biased version, but the details are mostly sound, again from Highways and … Continue reading

Extremists and History

One of the most shocking recent news items to me was the burning of ancient manuscripts in Timbuktu by the retreating Islamic fighters. I don’t understand this destruction of a culture by its own people. I can understand an invading army rampaging and destroying everything related to the people they have just beaten, but to … Continue reading

Making the Portugese Piggy in the Middle

Making the Portugese Piggy in the Middle

Following the execution of King Charles for treason, the king’s nephew Prince Rupert ┬ábecame Lord High Admiral even though he was a soldier. He led a poorly equipped fleet crewed by English cavaliers and Irish adventurers but he had no safe port, so took to piracy. He sent Sir Arnold Delisle to the king of … Continue reading