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Go Home April, You’re Drunk

I heard about this online comment (tweet?) and have been sniggering over it since. One of my favourite cartoons is as medieaval image of a man hopping beside a big puddle saying ‘ Mr Bogman please give me back my shoe!’. This is a similar mindset. The words are addressed to as month, or season. … Continue reading

Dinner For One

This ancient black & white short film began as an end of the pier show in the 1940s and has become a surprise hit in Germany, especially on New Year’s Eve. It has now broken the world record for the most frequently repeated programme on tv. This is from the i newspaper “The 18 minute … Continue reading

The Beaux’ Stratagem

This play by George Farquarson dates from about 1715 and this is a belated review of the NT transmission some time ago. It is one of the funniest plays I’ve seen and full of action and brilliant acting. It is basically about two young men who bow their fortunes in London then flee to LIchfield … Continue reading

The Sunday Assembly

With the decline of formal religion, there are a lot of ideas being kicked about by many people on how to get the benefits of religion without, well, the religious bits. Some people talk of concerts and sporting events as religious experiences, but there is a new idea which seems to fit the bill, the … Continue reading

Romance and Poetry in Pontefract

I am a huge fan of John Betjeman for his campaigning to save many buildings that were scheduled after the last war. But he was of course mostly famous for his poetry. and I have just discovered this gem – his recitation of Liquorice fields fo Pontefract. It’s got everything – witty descriptions of an … Continue reading

Comedian as Whistleblower?

Comedian as Whistleblower?

Jimmy Carr is one of the Uk’s cleverest, most successful and therefore wealthiest comics. He is often on tv, tours regularly, and has just announced that he has been paying only 1% tax in a scheme that involves sending his estimated ¬£3 million per year to Jersey and investing it in films that don’t get … Continue reading

The Legacy of Punk

The Legacy of Punk

With the queen’s Jubilee, one of the most conservative events ever, it has been wonderful to be exposed to so much punk stuff to counteract it all. Last night Steve Lamaq did a great feature, the second installment of ‘England’s Still Dreaming’, the only real complaint was that the rest of Britain was left out, … Continue reading

Russel Brand, Questions and Maths

Russel Brand, Questions and Maths

Comedian/presenter/actor Russell Brand has an increasingly varied cv. I was very impressed by his recent performance at an inquiry into how to deal with drug adicts, when he made a passionate, logical and sensible case to treat them as suffering from illness rather than criminalising them. As a former heroin addict, he was one of … Continue reading