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Animals, Cinema & Supernatural

Animals, Cinema & Supernatural

This is an intriguing piece from  Why Look at Animals by the brilliant art historian, John Berger. HIs mention of the supernatural seems out of character, but he writes a lot about crossing boundaries in art, which gives him an edge on most of us. We live our daily lives in a constant exchange with the … Continue reading

Slow West

This film comes highly lauded from Sundance, and with Michael Fassbender promises to be rather special – a modern take on the endlessly being reinvented Western. It is the story of Scot without much of an accent Jay Cavendish who is in search of his lost love, falls in with Fassbinder’s Silas Sellick who he … Continue reading

Clouds of Sils Maria

This is a near two hander for Juliette Binoche as an aging actress and her PA played by Kristen Stewart. the film opens with them en route to Switzerland to accept a prize on  behalf of a director, but he dies before they arrive, and the film segues into the two of them rehearsing for … Continue reading

Force Majeure

This is a Swedish film about an affluent young Swedish family on a ski holiday in France to get the overworked father to reconnect with his family. The image of them all sleeping inthe same bed like kittens summons up an idyllic relationsip, but when an avalanche si seen heading towards them, the father Tomas … Continue reading

While We’re Still Young

This film starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts is about modern technology, drifting towards middle age, having kids or not, and also about living in New York. Stiller is a documentary maker married to the daughter of his mentor, who meet a younger couple who they befriend. They were drifting away from long term friends … Continue reading

Charlie’s Country

This is another Australian film from the wonderful Wales One World festival, starring a man  they describe as ‘legendary,’ actor David Gulpilil. Well, he’s the only famous aboriginal actor, so is well deserved, and says much about the industry. It is an incredibly powerful film about life in a native settlement near Darwin, focusing on an … Continue reading

Film Review – Hysteria

When I read the reviews of this I didn’t really believe the story was based on a true story, as it is just so utterly … well unbelievable. It is about a young doctor in Victorian London who cannot get a position as he believes in the germ theory and everyone else is still using … Continue reading