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Cholera in Silson

Cholera arrived on the south coast of England in 1831, one of the prices paid for empire. It took decades for the discovery of how it was spread – by drinking water – and so means found to control it. This is again from ‘Old Oak’. There used to be a long line of graves … Continue reading

Picturing Infection

We read a lot about diseases, but seldom see what diseases like smallpox look like. Here are a couple of images from a display on public health in the Museum of London. This is a wax model of a woman with siphylus. This is a model of an arm with cholera.

Cholera Arrived

Europe has lived through many many epidemics and pandemics, but the arrival of Cholera in 1832 from India came at a time when its cities were seething with the poor, and there were still economic and social problems in the aftermath of the Napoleonic and Revolutionary Wars. In Britain, they were fortunate to have discovered … Continue reading