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Admiral Collingwood’s Table

Collingwood was one of the most unfortunate of Britain’s naval heroes, but perhaps it links with his diet. How many of his men would want to dine with him and discuss tactics? This is from Cecil Storr’s Small Talk at Wreyland: ‘Collingwood ate rats. He said ships’ rats were very clean eaters, and he always … Continue reading

Talking to a Rat

This is another gem from Cecil Torr’s Small Talk at Wreyland. “From time to time the Country Council appoints a’rat week’ for a general attack on rats. Rats have a good deal of sense: hey abandon place where they are hunted down, and congregate in places where they are left alone. A rat-week frightens them … Continue reading

Railway Time, Owls and Bees

Here’s another glimpse of provincial life from Cecil Torr’s Small Talk At Wreyland: “After the railway came, the trains proclaimed the hours, as most people knew the timetables approximately, calling he 8.19 the 8, the 11.37 the 12, etc. – odd minutes did not count. As the trains upon this branch were ‘mixed’, partly passenger … Continue reading

Grandfather’s Time

This is another gem from Cecil Storr’s Small Talk at Wreyland. The more I read this book the more I wish I could have met Cecil. He is so wise and his sense of humour so dry: “Time seemed to be of very little value when I first knew the place. After the railway had … Continue reading