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Aborigines And Cricket

This is a story I heard of a while ago and it still intrigues me. Almost 150 years ago, a team of Australian aborigines came to England for the first cricket tour. This is the subject of an exhibition at the British Musum later this year, called Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilisation. The exhibition curator Dr … Continue reading

Vikings Live

This wa an extraordinary event last night in cinemas round the country – a progamme by Michael Wood and Bethany Hughes highlighting the British Museum’s new block buster show on the vikings. At the outset, the museum’s director was asked why now, the reasons being that the Museum has just acquired a new wing, funded by Sainsbury’s … Continue reading

Ice Age Art

This is one of my great passions, so I had to see the exhibition at the British Museum, but have to admit I was a bit disappointed. It was mostly about portable pieces of art, many of which were incredibly small so hard to seee through the crowds, and even then, I ofte struggled to … Continue reading

Mr Henry Bridges’ Microcosm

Mr Henry Bridges’ Microcosm

Update: This book has been completely rewritten and will be released as ‘Mr Bridges’ Enlightenment Machine’ in various formats in early 2018. This is the strange story about a giant musical & astronomical clock that toured much of the western world between 1733 and its disappearance around 1775. I have spent years tracking this enormous … Continue reading