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Magna Carter and Hitler

This is from the i newspaper a few weeks ago. “It was the height of the Blitz, and after nearly a year of holding out aginst Nazi Germany’s advance Britain needed all the help it could get fom America. What better way, therefore, to pursuade Washington of London’s geopolitical ardour than to gift it an … Continue reading

The Battle of Banstead Commons, 1893

This is not a battle which many people are aware of, but it should be much better known, as the result was nothing short of a revolution in land use and access. Despite massive opposition from the lord of the manor in both houses of parliament, a thirteen year struggle in the law courts resulted … Continue reading

Another Misbehaving Female

This is from The Virginia Gazette of 1770. The use of effigies and their public burning goes back a long time, and was a very popular piece of performance art, as well as exposing bad behaviour that might otherwise go unpunished. I love the fact that this effigy is almost treated as if it is … Continue reading

Traitorous Necessity

This is from The Invention of News by Andrew Pettegree: ‘In 1535 four men were called before magistrates in Coventry to answer the charge that they had torn down a proclamation plated in the market place, a manifest act of sedition if proved. It turned out they had been out drinking, and after relieving themselves, … Continue reading